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Gerry Music Studio is committed to providing specialized music instruction to vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages in the Lehigh Valley and Wilmington.




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RONDA GERRY - Artistic Director

Co-Founder and Teacher

Lyric soprano, Ronda Gerry, is a versatile soloist, professional choral singer and voice teacher.  For the past 20 years, Roni and her husband Matt, have built a thriving vocal studio in the Lehigh Valley (PA) area that is especially geared to training young singers, many of whom have gone on to have careers in music. Having recently moved to Delaware, Roni now has a voice studio in her home in North Wilmington as well.  She also works as a sound practitioner using quartz crystal singing bowls that promotes “mindfulness through sound.”  As a singer of the stage, Roni has performed a wide range of roles including the First lady in The Magic Flute and The Mother in Amahl and the Night Visitors, Cinderella in Into the Woods.  As leading lady in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, she has performed the roles of Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, Josephine in HMS Pinafore, Patience in Patience, Elsie in Yeoman of the Guard, Angelina in Trial by Jury, Yum-Yum in Mikado.  She has had the pleasure of being a featured performer with Delaware Symphony Orchestra, Opera Delaware, The Rose Tree Pops, The Kennett Square Symphony Orchestra, The Newark Symphony Orchesta, The Marine Band of Allentown, and the Buxton International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival.  As a professional choral singer, Roni has held the soloist and section leader positions at First and Central Presbyterian Church, Delaware ChoralArts, Mastersingers of Wilmington, the Cathedral Choir School of Delaware, the Sarum Singers, and The Episcopal Church of St. Peter’s in the Great Valley. 


MATT GERRY   Teacher and Co-Founder

Matt has been working with singers and instrumentalists of all ages and ability levels for decades. He served as music director and conductor for the Ardensingers Gilbert and Sullivan group in Wilmington for 10 years and he co-founded the Ardensingers orchestra. Matt also conducted several shows for the Wilmington Drama League and the Chester County Gilbert and Sullivan Society. He and his family relocated to the Lehigh Valley in 2005, where he has helped dozens of students prepare for lead roles in musicals and placement in district chorus. Matt began his career as a professional musician at the of 16, playing trumpet in a variety of jazz and classical venues. He performed on a half dozen albums, including 2 with a jazz combo he co-founded, and he took on his first private students while he was still a senior in high school. Matt studied with Don Downs Jr. and went on to earn a music education degree from West Chester University, where he studied with Ken Laudermilch. After graduating in 1993, Matt earned a Pennsylvania teaching certificate and began working for a company that supplies music teachers to Catholic schools, where he was called upon to rebuild music programs that had fallen on hard times. During his teaching career, Matt salvaged several programs that were on the verge of being dropped. Matt continued his playing career while teaching in the schools. He performed in a variety of venues as a trumpet player, singer and jazz pianist in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and in Wilmington.

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Kimberly (Buschta) Poloni is a 1999 graduate of Moravian College holding a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Performance with a concentration in instrumental and vocal accompanying. She has served as staff accompanist for several academic institutions including Moravian College, DeSales University, Muhlenberg College and Northampton Community College. As a chamber musician, she has had the opportunity to work with numerous accomplished musicians and educators. Kimberly accompanies numerous master classes, working with a wide range of performers including, Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell and Marylin Horne. For the past 13 years Kimberly holds the position as organist/accompanist at Holy Trinity Church in Whitehall and thoroughly enjoys working as a free-lance accompanist

Kim is currently offering her services as an accompanist for individual lessons.


Lessons Offered


Private lessons - Gerry Music Studio offers one on one instruction in voice, brass and jazz improvisation.

Workshops - The studio offers specialized workshops, master classes, recitals and other performance opportunities. For more information on that, check back to the website frequently.

Performance Opportunities - The studio holds several recitals each calendar year to allow students to showcase what they are learning. Students that attend lessons regularly (once a week) will be given the opportunity to perform in one recital per year after they have been studying for at least 6 months.

Performance/Audition Preparation - In addition to building technique and developing healthy sounds, we use the weekly lessons to help students prepare for auditions, concerts and other performances in hopes of creating the most positive experiences possible.


Matt and Roni Gerry are such exceptional voice teachers. With their humor, warmth, and kindness, they create a nurturing space for their students to learn, grow, and gain confidence. Our daughter has benefited not only from their expertise but from their unwavering support and encouragement. - Maria W,  Allentown

Matt and Roni are the best!  They are masters of their craft as talented vocalists and musicians, and they are gifted teachers who genuinely love to share their knowledge and passion for music with their students.  This husband and wife team provides unconditional support and encouragement for aspiring singers, and they truly help each of their students find their unique voice.  I have been in awe over the years by how they continuously transform young, timid, beginner singers into mature, confident, accomplished vocalists!  Meredidith M, Coplay

My daughter has been taking voice lessons with the Gerry's for over 5 years and her vocal progress and growth have been amazing!  The Gerry's strike a great balance between working within a students range and ability while also encouraging them to take on more challenging pieces.  They provide a supportive atmosphere where students like my daughter can truly develop and build on their love of music.  Lisa P. - Allentown

My daughter has been taking voice lessons for many years and I wouldn’t send her anywhere else.  The quality of the vocal instruction is the best in the Valley.  In addition to that, the relationship that Roni has built with my daughter over the years has been extremely special and supportive.  She’s prepared her for auditions as well as guided her through her college and career aspirations.  My daughter’s growing up years would not have been the same without Roni in our lives.  I wish everyone could have as positive as a mentor as her. Dottie R. Breinigsville

Roni has such a calming and encouraging manner with her students. Our daughter has gained confidence and skill in her stage performance, and more importantly, a true joy in singing and in developing her own voice. Lessons include some history on each piece, some age-appropriate music theory, and some exploration of the song's meaning, and all in a way that contributes to a holistic musical education. Roni takes a real interest in her students' performance and in their lives as young people, and her lessons are such fun. We couldn't be happier to have found Roni!  Kammie T, Allentown

Roni is an excellent voice teacher and an amazing vocalist. My daughter, Jenny has taken voice lessons from her for 5 years and her voice has grown tremendously in range and control.  Roni’s knowledge, guidance and patience has helped my daughter immensely. I highly recommend Gerry Music Studio with both Roni and Matt. They are amazing teachers and so very supportive of their students.  Lisa D, Coplay

I have studied with Matt for a year and a half and in that time I have grown tremendously as a singer. Since starting, Matt has given me the skills to learn any piece and the confidence to perform it, whether for an audition or for school. He challenges me to attempt pieces that are demanding, but encourages me throughout the process to help me embrace the piece.

Sebastian H

Our daughter has taken voice lessons with Matt and Roni for 6 years. We can’t rave enough about the incredible music and vocal instruction. They have brought her to a level and sparked an interest in her for vocal performance where she is now auditioning for colleges and wants to pursue a career in musical theater. Both Matt and Roni provide a positive teaching environment to foster growth and development. Our daughter has never come out of a lesson without a smile on her face and she looks forward to every lesson. Not only have they prepared her vocally and musically, they have become so close.  Matt and Roni have always been so supportive of all of her needs, both performance based and personally and we have such great admiration for both of them. We couldn’t have asked for better teachers and mentors for our daughter. Matt and Roni have always been flexible and available to help prepare for school auditions, community auditions and various performances. Roni has been invaluable for college audition preparation and Matt is always there for our daughter to enhance her knowledge of music theory and push her to further learn. My daughter has received feedback from multiple outside coaches about how well she has been taught with vocal technique. Both Matt and Roni go above and beyond to meet each student’s needs and provide quality instruction for all levels of performance and interest. We highly recommend anyone seeking vocal and/or music instruction to head to the Gerry Music Studio!! We are so grateful for Matt and Roni and how they have enriched our daughter’s life!! - Michelle and Chris L.  Schnecksville

Lessons offered
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Roni Gerry
Matt Gerry

                                                   THIS WEEK'S SCHEDULE

Matt and Roni's schedules are updated every Tuesday.

Please make sure you are looking at the right date when checking your lesson time.


Tuesday (April 16th)

RONI (Lehigh Valley make-up day)

4:00 OPEN

4:30 OPEN

5:00 OPEN

5:30 OPEN

6:00 Sloane

6:30 Emily S

7:00 Katelyn

8:00 Emma

WEDNESDAY (April 17th)

Matt (at the church) Roni (at LV studio)

2:00 - Eric H.

2:30 - John M.

3:00 - Ben S.          3:00 Aine

3:30 - Sam L.         3:30 Aine

4:00 - Jack V.         4:00 Isabelle

4:30 - Kelly W.      4:45 Sailer

5:00 - Delaney G.  5:45 Sara

5:30 - Eric W.        6:15 OPEN

6:00 - Matt B.       7:00 OPEN

6:30 - Cami L.       7:30 Evalyn


7:15 - G.A.S.

8:15 - Garet H.


THURSDAY (April 18th)

Matt not at                RONI:

studio because          Wilmington

of a dress                   5:00 Elena

rehearsal in DE        5:45 Noa

FRIDAY (April 19th)

Matt not at            

studio because

of a show in DE

SATURDAY (April 20th)

Matt not at                RONI:

studio because         Wilmington

of a show in DE      10:00 Laurie

SUNDAY (April 21st)

Matt not in               RONI:

studio because         Lehigh Valley

of a show in DE      3:00 Kaitlyn

of a show in DE      4:00 Emma

                                 5:00 OPEN

                                 5:30 Aine

                                 6:00 Sloane

                                 6:30 Hannah

                                 7:00 Abby

                                 7:30 Gabby

MONDAY (April 22nd)

MATT:                      RONI


2:00 - Eric H.           2:45 Elena

                                  3:30 Kim

3:00 - Angie L.         4:15 Louise

3:30 - Taryn M.        5:00 Lexi

4:00 - Emily F          6:00 Katie

4:30 - Riley D.

5:00 - Victoria T.

5:30 - Gwyneth H.

6:00 - Madi P.

6:30 - Natalie I.

7:00 - Leeya P.

7:30 - Lukas B.

8:00 - Dante G.

8:30 - Delaney G.

TUESDAY (April 23rd)

MATT:                    RONI


2:45 - Grant P.         5:00 Daphne

3:15 - Jaxon E         5:30 Michelle

                                  6:30 Cecilia

4:00 - Gavin H.

4:30 - Wesley P.

5:00 - Alex/Justine G.

WEDNESDAY (April 24th)

MATT:                           RONI:

2:30 - John M.

3:00 - Ben S.

3:30 - Julie G.

4:00 - Logan M.

4:30 - Jackson H.

5:00 - Kyleigh G.

5:30 - Elena R.

6:00 - Kensi C.

6:30 - Matt B.

7:00 - Madelyn H.

8:00 - Adriana D.

THURSDAY (April 25th)

MATT:                          RONI:

2:30 - Tom S.

3:00 - Liia P.

3:30 - Jake O.

4:00 - Anna K.

4:30 - Vera C.

5:00 - Amy S.

5:45 - Matt/Luke H.

6:30 - Megan H.

7:00 - Tristan W.

7:30 - Matt H.

8:00 - Celia G.

FRIDAY (April 26th)

Matt not at studio

because of a show in DE

SATURDAY (April 27th)

Matt not at studio

because of a show in DE

SUNDAY (April 28th)

Matt not at studio

because of a show in DE

MONDAY (April 29th)

MATT:  All lessons listed for

4/29 are unconfirmed until

I see you on the 22nd

3:00 - Angie L.

3:30 - Taryn M.

4:00 - Emily F.

4:30 - Riley D.

5:00 - Victoria T.

5:30 - Gwyneth H.

6:00 - Madi P.

7:00 - Leeya P.

7:30 - Lukas B.

8:00 - Dante G.

8:30 - Delaney G.

TUESDAY (April 30th)


3:00 - Grant P.

3:30 - Gavin H.

4:00 - Wesley P.

4:30 - Jack V.

5:00 - Cassidy M.

5:30 - Alec M.

6:00 - Ainsley Q.

7:00 - Meg H.

7:30 - Adriana D.

8:00 - Eric/Kelly W.



3:00 - Ben S.

3:30 - Julie G.

4:00 - Jack V.

4:30 - Brady D.

5:00 - Liam C.

5:30 - Elena R.

6:00 - Kensi C.

6:30 - Matt/Luke H.

7:15 - Mad Lion H.

8:00 - G.A.S.




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